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Welcome to Younger Piano Service. I am Joshua Younger and pianos are my passion. Serving the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, I am committed to improving pianos and enabling players to experience their instrument at its top potential. Pianos are an amazing conglomeration of wood, metal and wool felt cobbled together under intense physical pressures in oftentimes demanding playing conditions and trying climactic conditions. When in a state of balance and adjustment, this complex machine morphs into a truly inspiring musical instrument. If you're reading this you likely have at one point experienced the power and allure of the piano; it is my task to put the conditions in place that allow my customers to interact with their instruments at this high the highest level.

Piano Tuner vs. Piano Technician

A piano tuner is somebody who strictly tunes pianos. On the other hand, a true piano technician has a broad and well educated approach to complete service. In addition to tuning pianos, we understand a piano as an interdependent system and are capable of performing comprehensive service no matter what the situation requires, whether it be diagnosing a touchweight friction problem, interpreting soundboard crown dimensions, or some new situation yet imagined. I have spent years studying, honing my knowledge and experience; I am a fully qualified piano technician and an associate member of the Piano Technician's Guild.