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I am a graduate of the renowned Chicago School for Piano Technology. Attaining a complete craftsman-level education for piano work is tough to do currently; there are very few programs in the United States committed to teaching the craft. Attending the Chicago School gave me the individual instruction and hands on experience with masters in the field that I need to approach virtually any piano situation with confidence.

I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. Fight on Trojans!

Why pianos though?

There is something romantic and timeless about piano. For hundreds of years the instrument has been a central figure in our western musical existence, and I firmly believe it is music (and the arts in general) that sustain us as human beings in this overly practical and scientific world. Joshua David Younger The prevailing winds of the trends of our day push us to become ever more technological, more digitized, and more distracted at an increasingly accelerating rate. There is nothing like sitting down at a beautiful acoustic instrument; the first note that resonates off the soundboard can jolt ones mind back to the present moment, remind us of what truly nurtures us and conjure some focus out of the chaos of the world.